who we are

What we believe

First Baptist Church is submissive to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Who He is and what He has accomplished is the centerpiece of our faith and life. He is our head and His Word is the sole authority of our faith and practice. The 66 books of the Old and New Testament are the only basis for our beliefs. We are devoted to the proclamation and protection of His Word.

  • Our Mission Statement

    Glorifying God in all we do;

            Growing passionate followers of Jesus Christ; and

                   Going into our community and world to share hope.

  • Our Statement of Faith

    Our statement of faith is used to publicly confess our faith, promote unity among our congregation, and instruct our members in sound doctrine.   Our full statement of faith is The Baptist Faith and Message 2000.


We offer two different hours of worship at either 8:30 or 10:45. They are musically different with the early service driven by keyboards, while the late service is driven by a band. The sermons are identical.

Life Groups are available for all ages at 9:30. 

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While our address is 220 Masonic Street, our main entrance is actually on the north side of the property off of McGaughey Street. Look for the awning labeled Sanctuary Building. This is our welcome center entrance where you will find any information you may need in order to get to the appropriate location. Come as you are! There is no dress code. You will not stand out in jeans and a t-shirt.

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